Singing River Health System

Graphic Design
A custom designed metal pin for Singing River Health System employees.
Singing River Health System

Improving Health. Saving Lives.

Singing River Health System is a healthcare system based on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. They are the leading cardiac treatment center throughout the South as well as a huge community leader. Singing River has 6 main core values to which every employee and healthcare provider exhumes in each and every interaction with guests and other colleagues. Singing River is seeking to constantly improve health and save lives.

Where I come in.

I was hired fresh out of college as the only graphic designer for the system, and I had no idea what the hell I was doing. But that's okay, because Singing River allowed me the opportunity to grow as a designer. I designed numerous brochures, flyers, and posters to get my feet wet. When Singing River eventually hired a new graphic designer to share the workload, I sought out ways to make myself standout. I started to perfect my layouts, my typography, and I even started to learn how to utilize motion graphic design and 3D design to exemplify my worth. Here are some of the pieces I completed during my time at Singing River.

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