Graphic Design
A custom designed metal pin for Singing River Health System employees.
AirGO.AI • Andy Poss

All Gas. No Breaks.

AirGO.AI strives to make older automobiles safer for everyone to drive. I was tasked with showing exactly how they could do that through their brand. When I initially started designing the brand, I wanted to incorporate the sensor they are developing into the logo itself. I also wanted aspects of driving such as directional guidance since most drivers on the roads rely on a GPS device of some kind. I finally landed on a design after a couple weeks of pondering.

0 to 100.

The project would eventually lead to me being hired once again to design a flyer and trade show display which the company could use at CES Las Vegas 2022. I would complete the work over many weeks. I know that it may sound absurd to have that much time for a project such as this, but when your design is being seen by potentially thousands of people, you want to take your time to get it right.

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